Friday, 14 October 2016

Kiwi Country Book Fair 2016

Once upon a time our library looked like this ......

Then the truck arrived with ALL the magnificent books!

Da-dahhhh ........ The joy of browsing, comparing, creating wish lists, persuading, buying, (can I please have these books 'issued?') AND being slightly crazy on dressup day. Aaaah, book world bliss !

The number of choices is a little overwhelming for some.

How many baked beans can you get on a toothpick in 5 seconds??

Gumboot throw - And the winner is .......


Thank you Frankley students and families for your incredible support for our book fair. 
Your purchases have entitled us to rewards which translate into NEW books - YAY! 

Here's our first pile being accessed. Keep an eye out for them on our New To View shelves :-)

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